Using AI so your people can spend more time serving your customers

IT Service Desks

Integrates with major IT ticketing systems, managing both user and system-generated emails.

Using AI to categorize emails, eliminate duplication, and refine content by removing redundant email chains, excessive text, and images.

Efficient email alert management allows for a focus on critical matters.

Accurate matching of contacts, contracts, and configuration items ensures completion of all fields in the ticketing system for assignment, escalation, and automation initiation using intuitive no-code workflow rules.

Customer Service Teams

InboxAgent seamlessly integrates with your customer contact system, logging emails to initiate skills-based routing.

Use AI to determine automatic and consistent wrap codes, eliminating errors and individual biases.

With its industry-specific categorization models, InboxAgent ensures high accuracy levels from the outset.

InboxAgent utilizes secure GenAI to summarize conversations, extracting valuable insights to address the root cause of issues and understand customer dissatisfaction across all customer service team interactions.


For IT Service Desk Teams

Reduce cost. Remove mundane tasks. Rapid ROI.

Aportio InboxAgent intelligently understands & logs emails into IT ticketing systems.

Aportio Insights understands your tickets so you can improve the way you serve customers.

Intelligent Ticket Logging

Automated ticket assignment, workflow initiation & escalations.

Alert & Junk Email Management

Clears away unimportant email alerts, email floods and junk emails.

Easy to read

We improve engineer productivity with InboxAgent’s read-easy feature. It declutters the email chain, images and disclaimers before logging.

Duplicate Ticket Reduction

To streamline the process and prevent multiple tickets for the same issue, we intelligently group related emails into a single ticket.

Accurate Auto-Classification

Streamline the billing process and avoid missed billing with accurate and consistent classification.

Comprehensive Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of issues - who, what, when, how often, & how customers feel.

IT Service Desk Case Studies


5% of resources now do more valuable tasks

A large MSP faced a significant challenge: their highly skilled and certified IT engineers were becoming increasingly frustrated by the need to manage mundane, repetitive, yet time-consuming administrative tasks associated with email ticket management.

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This MSP wanted to provide personalized service to their customers, and recognized that email remained a critical communication channel for their customers.

With the implementation of InboxAgent, tickets are now more accurate, streamlining the process for engineers who find it quicker and easier to navigate. As a result, these engineers have reclaimed valuable time, enabling them to focus on more high-value tasks and deliver greater value to their customers.


10% instead of 90% need engineer intervention

An MSP approached Aportio with a challenge: only 10% of incoming emails were being accurately recorded without human intervention. Now 90% of incoming emails are automatically and correctly logged, requiring no further manual intervention.

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This MSP was utilizing contact center software to read and then log tickets into their IT ticketing system.

Following the implementation of InboxAgent, just 10% of tickets require an engineer's intervention to decipher the problem. This minimal intervention is typically necessary when users provide insufficient information, such as a vague request like, 'Can you help, I did that again.' A remarkable transformation.

For Customer Services Teams

Free up agents. Fix problems at source.

Aportio understands that emails should be managed differently from phone calls. InboxAgent automatically handles emails that don’t need your attention.

Aportio Insights pinpoints the underlying issues behind customer dissatisfaction.

Streamlined Email Management

Aportio's email classification system intelligently allocates inquiries to the right agent based on topic, urgency, and sentiment, outperforming round-robin allocation methods.

Intelligent Insights for Customer Needs

Aportio identifies the root causes of problems, so you can enhance your service quality and prevent recurring issues.

Efficiently Analyze Every Conversation

With Aportio, every conversation is summarized and analyzed to accurately identify causes of customer dissatisfaction. No more random sampling or sifting through unstructured text.

Customer Service Case Studies


Unveiling the true root cause

Upon enlisting our services to scrutinize their customer service interactions, our in-depth root cause analysis unveiled a surprising revelation. The recurring problem primarily occurred when customers ordered two identical products. To their dismay, only one of the two identical products was consistently included in the package for delivery.

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A consumer goods manufacturer was grappling with a critical issue - a substantial number of their customers were not receiving complete orders. In their initial assessment, they suspected that their freight supplier was at fault and contemplated switching to a new supplier.

Contrary to their initial suspicions, the issue resided within their dispatch department, not with the freight supplier. This revelation not only prevented unnecessary supplier transitions but also enabled the manufacturer to address the true source of the problem within their own operations, ensuring a more seamless customer experience.


Uncovering $15+ million in improvement opportunities

A utilities supplier was facing the challenge of optimizing the allocation of their resources for improvement initiatives. Their customer services team had an array of improvement ideas, largely relying on their intuition to pinpoint the primary customer pain points.

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Recognizing the need for a more data-driven approach, they engaged advisors to pinpoint the most critical problem areas and provide substantiated evidence to guide their improvement roadmap. Their advisors turned to us.

Our analysis revealed invaluable insights that enabled the advisors to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities strategically. In total, over $15 million in potential improvements were uncovered, enabling them to prioritize efforts on projects that will yield maximum returns.

What our customers are saying


At Aportio Technologies, we prioritize your data security. We adhere to stringent standards and practices to safeguard your information assets, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Our comprehensive security policies cover access control, data handling, communications, and external services.

We take pride in our security measures, which include ISO 27001:2013 certification, ongoing security awareness initiatives, regular internal and external audits, and strong risk management controls. We use encryption to safeguard your data in transit and at rest, ensuring it remains safe and secure. We are committed to privacy compliance, secure supply chain practices, and system-based access controls.

Responsible use of AI

We are dedicated to responsible and transparent AI use. Aportio uses AI to read, classify and summarize conversations. AI is not used to create new information, which avoids copyright infringements and fact misrepresentations, and outcomes created are trained in a way that they avoid discriminatory AI bias. We stay informed about emerging AI regulations and ensure our practices align with ethical standards. Our implementation of generative AI solutions minimizes the risk of exposure of customer information.