Aportio Conversation Intelligence

Email management made easy & Understand your customers

For Customer Services Teams

Did you know that approximately 20% of incoming emails to your Customer Services team don't require an agent's attention? Our AI takes care of them so your agents can focus on critical inquiries.

We then pinpoint the core issues customers ask about, bringing dissatisfaction to the forefront and making it crystal clear what needs fixing.


Here's a few reasons why our customers come to us ...

Relieve overloaded agents

Our AI and no-code workflows alleviate agent overload by automating emails that don’t need an agent.

Intelligent Agent Assignment

We ensure emails reach the right agents, not round-robin like you do with phone-calls.

Complete & Accurate Wrap Codes

Our AI fills in the necessary fields consistently & accurately, enabling in-depth analysis even when agents are busy.

Deep Conversation Insights

Our analytics delve deeper into conversations, uncovering the true essence of customer interactions.

Comprehensive QA

We provide full visibility into customer satisfaction, eliminating the limitations of sampling and ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

Effective Agent Training

Correct and accurate data classification enhances agent training, fostering a more skilled team.

Here's how Aportio empowers your team ...

Streamline work and reduce the load on your team


Don't Be Limited by Phone-Centric Software!

Is your customer service software tailored only for phone calls, neglecting emails?

Aportio understands that emails are different from phone calls and need to be managed differently. And it’s not about canned responses! It is about automatically dealing with emails that don’t need your attention, so you can spend time on those that do.

Respond Quickly to Discontented Customers

Does internal policy or regulation demand quick responses to dissatisfied customers, yet you struggle to identify all sources of dissatisfaction?

Aportio looks at every conversation with your Customer Services Team, we can spot every instance of dissatisfaction, ensuring accurate reporting and rapid responses.


Understand repeat calls

Do you get repeat calls from the same customer for the same issue? Do you know how often? And why?

Aportio understands when a customer is calling back about the same issue.

Understanding repeat calls is important because they take up a lot of extra agent time and result in unhappy customers.

Gain insights to reduce problems at the source

Go beyond surface-level analysis with Aportio

Are you concerned that your current analysis barely scratches the surface, so you address symptoms rather than the root cause?

Aportio Conversation Intelligence digs deep into customer conversations, looking for the underlying cause of the issue, so problems can be fixed at source - not just the symptoms.


Validate your Team’s intuition with Data

Your team may have an intuitive grasp of the problems, but are lacking the data to back it up.

Aportio provides the evidence you need. The Voice of the Customer can truly be heard. You can finally drive real change for your business to fix the problems and reduce the number of calls your agents need to deal with.

Break Free from Biased QA and Limited Use Surveys

You know that customer surveys have inherent bias because not everyone will respond to a survey, and then they may be careful about the words they choose. And you know that it is impossible for the QA team to look at every conversation and pick up every detail.

Aportio examines all conversations and messages with your Customer Services team, presenting a summary of the conversation, tagged with key attributes, so you clearly see the trends. That’s on all the data, not biased.


What makes Aportio's solution different?

Unified Data Hub

We consistently analyze data from calls, emails, chats, and customer surveys, all in one place for seamless insights.

Efficient Triage

We automatically handle emails that don’t need agent attention.

Complete Data Coverage

Our data is meticulously accurate, consistent, and comprehensive, leaving no room for guesswork or reliance on samples.

Speedier Service

Agents reach more inquiries faster, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Strategic Insights

We empower you to make precise strategic decisions by identifying the root causes of issues.

Enhanced Staff Morale

Agents appreciate the elimination of mundane tasks, leading to higher staff satisfaction.

Unrivaled Accuracy

Our solution is precision-engineered, trained for each industry separately, relying on our secure, large language models, surpassing human accuracy levels.

Voice of the Customer

Your Customer Service team becomes a true voice of the customer, backed by data-driven insights.