Aportio InboxAgent

Your Email Triage Assistant

For IT Service Desks - Corporate teams & MSPs

Aportio’s InboxAgent handles the boring stuff like manually processing and triaging emails so your team can focus on solving IT problems.

InboxAgent is built for IT professionals by IT professionals - we get it!


Here are a few challenges IT Teams face without InboxAgent ...

Do you recognize any of these challenges?

Overloaded Service Desk

Users manually logging emails or an inadequate built-in parsers result in mundane work and a backlog of requests.

Alert Fatigue

Monitoring tools flood the inbox with numerous alerts, increasing the risk of missing critical ones.

Messy Tickets

Tickets are cluttered with email chains, unnecessary images, and disclaimers.

Duplicate Tickets

The in-built parser fails to match emails without ticket references, resulting in duplicate tickets.

Missed Billing

Engineers are too occupied to classify tickets accurately, leading to missed billing opportunities.

Ticket Understanding

Inaccurate or inconsistent classifications make it challenging to understand the 'who, what, when, how often, and how' of tickets.

Here's how InboxAgent tackles these challenges ...

InboxAgent's core features simplify ticket logging, making it a breeze.

AI driven consistent & accurate classifications

InboxAgent’s secure IT large language model has been built based on millions of records by people that understand IT.

InboxAgent understands the detailed TOPIC, SUB-TOPIC, PRODUCTS, ACTIONS, SUPPLIER, URGENCY and SENTIMENT. So when it logs a ticket in the ticketing system, it can complete all the necessary text fields.


Auto-logged emails

Emails are relayed to one of InboxAgent’s secure AWS locations where it is cleaned up, classified and then logged via API into your ticketing system.

Anything that we can read and classified in the email, can be entered into the relevant field in your ticketing system.

Simplified email text in the ticket

InboxAgent’s read-easy feature automatically cleans up the parts that you do not need -

  • like the sections of the email chain you have already read,
  • or unnecessary disclaimers
  • or signature images

that otherwise just clog up the ticket and make it harder for your engineers to get to the point.


Unnecessary alerts & junk email

InboxAgent manages email alerts so your team does not need to wade through the thousands that don’t matter - so they can focus on the ones that do.

And - wait! - it even takes away those junk emails that invariably come to your support inboxes.

Beyond being just a parser, InboxAgent enhances ticket insights, triage and dispatch operations.

Insights into customer behaviour

How much do you know about what your customers are asking about? Aportio Insights uses InboxAgent’s consistent and accurate classifications to build a picture of the who, what, how often and how they are asking.

Discover trends, automation opportunities and find work that you missed billing.

And this applies to any ticket notes - whether by email or any other source.


No-code workflow rules manager

No longer do you need to wait for your dev team to have time to code your workflows.

Any part of the email, or the AI classification results, can be used in our simple no-code workflow manager to tell InboxAgent what to do with certain email.

Email flood detection

Email floods happen when a monitoring tool gets itself in a loop with your ticketing system. This can lead to hundreds or thousands of tickets being created that need to be merged or deleted. InboxAgent finds and quarantines these emails before it gets messy and lets you decide what to do with them.



Some customers have their own ticketing system, but they want their Managed Services Provider (MSP) to also track or work on shared tickets. This often leads to hours of wasted effort trying to match the tickets or to see which ones are closed.

InboxAgent simply and very cost effectively, correlates the tickets so reconciliation is a breeze.

Alert correlation solution

InboxAgent simply correlates events intelligently, to a single ticket, reducing distraction and the need to merge tickets in common “system down/system up” chatty scenarios.



Utilise the same Aportio technologies, AI models, natural language understanding, IT expertise and self management rules for voice, chat or portal interactions.

Enhanced multi-channel adoption by routing calls and emails to the best channel for the relevant query.

Let's hear what our customers are saying

InboxAgent was able to map incoming text to the category and subcategory ... which has enabled us to implement automations ... reducing ticket queues and reducing resolution time.

To hear more, watch the video below.

The emails gets added to the Autotask tickets straight away. No intervention, no individual has to get involved.

To hear more, watch the video below.

What makes InboxAgent different?

Advanced Ticket Intelligence

Beyond a mere parser, our solution intelligently creates tickets, acting as an efficient email dispatcher, and more!

First-Step Automation

InboxAgent automates the initial steps, unlike many automation solutions that start at the second step, requiring manual intervention to initiate.

Rapid Deployment

Pre-trained by experts on millions of transactions, our system requires no data cleaning or data scientists, ensuring a quick start - within minutes.

Complementary Integration

We seamlessly integrate with your existing ticketing systems and processes, enhancing them rather than replacing.

User-Friendly Workflow Management

Easily manage workflows with our no-code, simple workflow rules management.

Valuable Insights

Our focus on understanding users and their needs provides you with valuable insights, allowing you to include accurate and detailed classification in your analysis.

Superior Accuracy

Our system is more accurate and consistent than humans, ensuring reliable responses, automation initiation, and accurate billing reports.

Unified Dashboard

Access Insights about all tickets, from all sources, in one easily downloadable place, using the same classification models regardless of ticket source.


Full integrations out of box