Artificial Intelligence (AI) in email

The next era for the customer service channel

Email has long been used as a preferred communication channel by consumers, however its time heavy and manual processes have left it as one of the most under-utilised and under-managed channels within contact centres today.

As organisations continue to implement customer service portals, there is an increasing demographic of email users getting left behind. Not only that, but organisations are increasingly overlooking the email channels true value proposition – its wealth of untouched customer-centric data.

While this data was once difficult to obtain, recent advancements in AI technology have made it more accessible, reviving the email channel’s value within an organisation today.

AI not only increases data collection within the email channel, AI can improve the overall efficiency and quality of email processing. In a traditional email management process, when an email is received by a contact centre, a customer service agent is given the mundane task to copy and paste the customer data into a ticketing system. Not only does this require them to identify and assign the ticket to the appropriate agent, they also need to correctly identify the customer’s need(s) and sentiment. Given each customer email is formatted differently, this can cause errors and inconsistency within the email management process, negatively impacting its success rate and value proposition within an organisation.

However, AI functionality such as text mining and conversational AI provide businesses with an answer to this problem. Used within the email channel, businesses can better address customer sentiment and tailor responses to improve customers’ experience. Businesses can also detect risk and ensure compliance, or better understand any diversity and inclusion challenges they might face. Not only that, the automated approach is efficient so you can optimise team performance. This new value proposition for email is one that smart organisations have already noticed; deploying this new technology partnership to increase their email channel efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.

With the help of AI technology, email is here to stay. Request our whitepaper to learn how we are integrating the very latest in conversation categorization and summarization using tools like ChatGPT.

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