Turning email into a competitive advantage

Wouldn’t it be great if your contact centre staff could spend more time with their customers and less time trawling through emails?

Email isn’t going anywhere

Why? Because after 40 years, email is ingrained in our business interactions. Contact centres seeking to reduce costs are having some success moving customers away from voice and email toward bots and portals. But these channels don’t always meet customer needs.

Now, there is a way to reduce costs and save time within the email channel and reap the benefits – to integrate with and complement other efforts to lead customers to the right channel for their enquiry.

Realise the hidden value in your customers’ emails

Customers like using email because:

  • they understand and trust it;
  • they can easily include attachments;
  • they can keep a record of conversation;
  • it is the best channel for complex questions.

Companies like receiving emails from customers because:

  • customers can tell you exactly what they want;
  • agents can respond to emails with a fully tailored, brand consistent explanation;
  • customer details are naturally obtained and available for later contact;
  • the rich text in emails means companies can get the best of AI to analyse emails predict customer needs.

What nobody likes: manually trawling through hundreds of emails.

An Aportio team member used to work for a company that received more than 2,000 emails per day. She had to manually sort through the shared inbox to find, prioritise and allocate emails to the right people, manage staff workload, and elevate issues when necessary. This took several hours each day – time that would have been better spent on higher-value tasks.

“Prioritising the emails was a major challenge,” she recalls. “I couldn’t quickly tell if we needed to respond urgently or which ones could wait.”

Does this sound familiar?

It comes down to this: if an organisation wants to continue to add value to their customer experience, they need to find a way to manage the email challenge.

InboxAgent – using AI to turn email traffic into a competitive advantage

InboxAgent uses AI technology to eliminate the email channel’s traditional pain points. It is designed to free up your customer service staff, enabling them to better focus on their customers’ complex needs. With a range of artificial intelligence models, it reads incoming emails, strips out unnecessary text, classifies the emails and initiates automated actions without human intervention. It is a simple plug-in to your customer case management system or as a workflow tool on its own. This provides businesses with a fast solution and quick return on investment.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is what a couple of our customers had to say:

“With InboxAgent, I have effectively acquired another full-time staff member at almost no cost,” says Dan Morgan, Bidfood General Manager IT. “That’s because it’s taking care of the mundane task of logging requests.”

“The ticket is more a single point of truth than it was before,” says CCL client delivery service specialist Cory Garbutt. “There’s more information in the ticket, and the engineers are finding it quicker and easier.”

Keen to find out more? If you are listening intently to your customers, but struggling with the influx of email into your organisation – GET IN TOUCH BY EMAIL! We will start a discussion around how you can give back time to your agents and get the most out of your email interactions.

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