AWS Marketplace opened for Kiwi business with foundation partners

Kiwi independent software vendors, data providers and consulting partners from 3 April have a new and potentially powerful channel option in AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange.

The expansion unlocks a new route to market and enabled access to the more than 260,000 monthly active users the marketplace and data exchange, AWS said.

It should be noted that some companies in Australia and New Zealand have already been able to list their services on AWS Marketplace, but only if they have entities in the US, the EU or the UK.

The new regional expansion increases the breadth of software and data offerings available and to enable global customers to purchase directly from Australia- and New Zealand-based providers.

Software from New Zealand-based ISVs such as Raygun and Aportio will feature from launch while local AWS specialist Consegna joins as a consulting partner.

Customers can procure software through local and regional consulting partners on the marketplace through a structure called “consulting partner private offers” (CPPO).

AWS said the structure and platforms allows CPPOs to maintain their role as a trusted advisor for customers in the marketplace.

Marketplace customers can purchase software through select local and regional CPPOs, who offer knowledge of their business, localised support, and trusted expertise.

This system allowed ISVs to authorise wholesale pricing on their software to consulting partners and also enabled consulting partners to own and maintain the customer relationship.

Consulting partners can customise pricing, duration, end-user license terms, and additional services they wish to include.

“Consegna’s inclusion in the Amazon Web Services AWS Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO) programme is another example of how our dedicated collaboration with AWS continues to evolve,” said managing director John Taylor.

Taylor said Consegna was busier than ever, as a lot of work kicked off on the back of Covid-19 to support end user computing, one of the company’s key competencies.

“There’s been a lot of people delaying,” he said. “This has been a bit of a wake-up call.”

In that sense, the marketplace expansion was good timing as it helped people to move fast. It would allow Consegna to package up private offers and the company was already broadening its relationships with targeted providers.

These would be in s such as security, compliance and risk, business intelligence and analytics and so on.

Taylor said Consegna was also pushing hard to achieve premier partner status with AWS.

The marketplace created a central point of engagement for the company’s clients to source, procure, govern, and renew their software and cloud licensing across over 1,500 curated software vendors, he said.

“This is a fantastic way for clients to leverage our expertise across additional vendors and solutions. We also offer Amazon Connect, content delivery network cost-out, VMware on AWS, and Compliance services designed to better deliver and enhance our customers cloud adoption and protect their cloud assets.”

Consegna would also be able to channel business to other New Zealand marketplace members.

“It’s really exciting for the region. It supports the existing channel and creates another sub-channel for quicker time to market.”

Scott Green, chief executive of Aportio, said joining the marketplace was a fantastic milestone because it allowed the company to reach customers globally.

Aportio develops the InboxAgent email pre-processing platform, which uses artificial intelligence to read incoming emails and processes natural language to answer customer service queries faster.

Green told Reseller News the marketplace helped expose the young company’s products to AWS’s global community of users and partners.

It also knocked down some complex roadblocks to trading internationally because the marketplace manages local regulatory requirements such as sales taxes, multi-currency issues and payments, which was incredibly important when selling an add-on.

It also helped ensure payment, he said.

Aportio was working now to identify some quick wins, validate the program and help customers get benefits faster.

Nick Harley, VP of growth at Raygun said the marketplace would extend reach to the AWS customer base for Raygun’s suite of monitoring solutions, while providing added leverage through AWS’s network of value-added resellers.

Other A/NZ regional ISV partners included Cloudwave, Farrago AI, Operata, Javin and Dubber, while Versent also joined as a consulting partner.

By Rob O'Neill (New Zealand Reseller News)Cloudwave, Farrago AI, Operata, Javin and Dubber,while Versent also joined as a consulting partner.


Leon Spencer (New Zealand Reseller News)