Aportio lands InboxAgent in Datto’s open ecosystem marketplace

New Zealand start-up Aportio is now offering its InboxAgent software through Datto’s open ecosystem programme.

The ecosystem is a developer programme for services that complement or extend the Autotask service management toolset.

InboxAgent is a plug-in to Autotask that simplifies and accelerates the process of getting emails classified and logged.

Using a range of artificial intelligence models, it reads incoming emails, strips out unnecessary text and images, classifies the emails and initiates automated actions without human intervention.

“We have the full support of the Datto team to reach Autotask users and partners – enabling us to help them remove time-consuming and mundane tasks from the customer enquiry process, allowing them to focus on their customers’ complex needs faster,” said Susan Nemeth, Aportio COO.

The developer programme enables Datto’s customers to take advantage of solutions that integrate with Autotask to enable service providers to conduct their business and complete workflows more efficiently.

“We are pleased to be among the first to list Aportio’s InboxAgent, providing our Autotask customers access to an easily installed tool using AI technology to manage incoming email traffic efficiently and effectively – improving the service experience for service agents and their customers”, said Joseph Rourke, director of product management at Datto.

Aportio founder Scott Green said participating in vendor marketplaces was one of the fastest growing ways in which independent software vendors could reach out to thousands of organisations who have a problem Aportio can fix or a solution it can enhance.

“The Autotask user community is a good fit for us, as the work we are doing enhances the base capability within Autotask around inbound email event processing, and importantly adds AI-based models to better understand and automatically categorise conversations so they can be allocated to the right person faster,” Green said.


By Rob O'Neill (New Zealand Reseller News)